• Multilingual CMS Development

    For multilingual websites,a management tool is indispensable.

    A CMS (Content Management System) is indispensable for managing and maintaining the vast amount of content on a multilingual website. By introducing a CMS specially designed for creating sites in multiple languages, the management costs and maintainability can be dramatically improved.

    World-class Content Management System: WordPress

    We recommend that our customers use the world-class CMS service WordPress. WordPress allows you to centralize the management of your website’s design and contents. Moreover, the easy-to-use editor functions just like a word processor, eliminating the need to outsource updates to specialist firms, or to rely on internal staff with specialist knowledge.

    There are 3 reasons for choosing WordPress from the numerous CMS systems available.

    • The success and reliability of WordPress can already be seen on over 6,800 websites, and in 120 languages.
    • Potential for significant enhancement and expansion through a range of plug-ins.
    • Open-source software for easy maintenance.

    Multilanguage Specialist Plug-in Installation and Setup

    WordPress’s excellent CMS service on its own is now enough to create mutilanguage websites. In order to create content in multiple languages from a single design template, we recommend using the plug-ins Bogo or MultilingualPress. Using a multilingual plug-in not only allows you to centrally manage all your multilanguage contents, it also enables you to use unique features such as the possibility of creating automatic links between languages.

    WordPress+Multilanguage Plug-in Installation and Initialization, ¥300,000~

    Want to implement WordPress + Multilanguage Plug-in on your website? It could lead to a significant reduction in cost compared to creating individual html files for each language. In concrete terms, for a simple case involving 4 languages, Japanese, English, and Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, all costs other than translation would be reduced to 0, leading to a potential 75% reduction in costs if you are able to perform the translation in-house. Moreover, the time between publishing content in the original language and publishing the translated content is greatly reduced, adding a further benefit to your business.

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