We provide development for the international market (board-crossing) EC site Magento, development for the multilingual specialization of CMS, and multilingual・multi-regional promotion and translation support for 33 languages.

  • International Market (Board-crossing) EC Site Development

    International Market (Board-crossing) EC Site Magento Development

    We provide development for Magento, a multilingual and multi-currency eCommerce platform used by 200,000 websites all over the world.

  • International Market Multilingual WEB Production

    Multilingual Website Development

    We provide a website platform to support as many as 33 languages with native translations and the know-how that is necessary for the localization of any website.

  • International Market Multilingual CMS Development

    Multilingual CMS Development

    CMS is essential for the preservation and management of the extensive contents of a multilingual website. With the introduction of the multilingual specialization of CMS, and website investment returns and maintainability levels will rapidly increase.

  • Multilingual Promotion

    Multilingual Sales Promotion

    One cannot experience positive results simply by creating a website. We coordinate country and language specific on-line advertisements to provide the optimal PR for the customers products or services.

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