Development of Magento, an EC site for abroad (crossing borders)

What is Magento?A world-standard EC platform used by 200,000 sites

It is an EC (E-commerce) platform created by MAGENTO, INC., a company under American eBay. It is a world-standard application, used on over 200,000 sites throughout the world, with functionality and safety necessary to approach the world market. International companies such as Nike, Olympus, and Paul Smith, use Magento.

 Why Magento1Handling of multiple languages, regions, and currency is standard.

American-born Magento was created to be used all over the world. As such, it can handle not only English and Japanese, but also a variety of other languages. It allows borderless sales across country lines, and has flexible capabilities to accommodate taxes and shipping required for such transactions. Dealing with payments in multiple currencies is part of its standard functions.

Why Magento2High expandability due to extensions.

Magento’s standard functions themselves are highly functional, however, its “extension“ system offers further functional expandability. World-class developers are offering many extensions at either free of charge or for a few hundred dollars. Therefore, you can easily incorporate desired functions at low cost.

Why Magento3A safe and secure, world-standard system.

Being the most widely used EC platform, any problems are quickly identified by its vast network of users, and MAGETO, INC. rapidly introduces version upgrades. Needless to say, in E-commerce, where the important customer information is handled, availability of consistent maintenance system is a significant factor in deciding which system to incorporate.

development plans, based on budget and purpose

We offer 2 plans, one based on a template and another one based on an original design.

Examples of Magento’s development record

Magento has a successful track record, only possible for a web development company specializing in multi-language and regional needs. Please see the SUCCESS STORY section for a few of our past cases. There are many more undisclosed cases we have handled.

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