Multi-language Promotion

It’s not enough to only create awebsite

Only creating a multi-language site does not guarantee the result you’re expecting. There are four large channels to attract clients to a website: search engine, social media, offline contact and advertising. Only creating a website is nothing more than approaching a potential client from a search engine. Potential clients from search engines are the most important channel in mid-to-long term, but it’s actually quite difficult to gain results from it in the short-term. That’s why promotion activities that complement channels other than search engine, such as the use of social media, online advertisement – mainly represented by Google AdWords -, real-world exhibitions and actual business are important. We provide planning of the ideal tools to promote products and services of our clients, like link-up with social media, online advertising and offline promotions, specifically for each language and country.

Link-up withsocial media

Social medias such as Facebook and Twitter have regional characteristics as well. As you know, Facebook and Twitter, which have the highest market share worldwide, cannot be used in China. The Chinese version of Facebook is called Renren Network, and its version of Twitter is named Weibo. In Malaysia, the diffusion ratio of Facebook is about 50%, which makes promotion there imprescindible. Also, in Indonesia, the number of Facebook users is about 20% of its population – over 40 million -, but unlike Malaysia, text advertisement through SMS is still highly effective. This shows the necessity of understanding the individuality of each country and region before deploying a multi-language project in social medias.

Our advantage in promotions toSoutheast Asia

We have an affiliated company in Thailand, the central region of Southeast Asia, which was granted special privileges, such as tax exemption, from the local government. Because of the possibility of quickly moving between the main cities in Southeast Asia with LCCs (Low Cost Carriers), Thailand is now gathering attention as a new regional hub, after Singapore. Also, with the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community in late 2015, even more development is expected. Through the use of these networks, we can offer both online and offline advertisment plans for the entire Southeast Asia, fully optmized for each country and language.

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